What I Wish I Knew Before Becoming Mom & Tips for Those Expecting

Being pregnant can be scary, because birth can be scary, and being a new mom can be scary. Everyone is different, and every experience is different. But here is my list of things I wish I would have known before having a baby. Hopefully this helps at least one human.

Take stool softeners postpartum.

This one will save you. Hemorrhoids are real, and they aren’t real fun. Take it from me. I’ll leave it at that. 

Even if you think you have something in mind about parenting, you may end up doing the opposite.

This will absolutely happen. “No TV!” may change after just a couple of months. If Cocomelon soothes your baby, let it happen and don’t feel guilty about it. Know it is okay.

Put the laundry down and snuggle the baby

You may hear this a time or two, but really. Put your shit down and hang out with your spawn. They are only so small for so long. 

Prepare for PPD even if you don’t think it’ll impact you

Yep. This is huge. The postpartum hormone drop is considered the single largest sudden hormone change in the shortest amount of time for any human being…. So what I’ve heard. It’s rough out there, so consulting a psychiatrist before birth is 100000% necessary even if you don’t think you will have symptoms. It will save your sanity and allow you to enjoy time with your newborn. 

Vulnerable pic, but it’s what I’m here for. This was less than 10 days after giving birth. The hormonal drop is fucking hard. Have a plan. That is all.

Your hair will fall out. It’s normal, but it would be nice to invest in a good vacuum and a good hair care routine.

I remember pulling out strands upon strands in the shower. It’s gross, but it will come back.

•Buy used clothing and gently used anything else.

All of the new stuff will be worn once, get stained, or won’t be worn. Brand new anything will likely get ruined or used for such a short amount of time. 

A changing table isn’t a necessity

It’s not. You can change a baby just as easily on a bed, a dresser, their crib, a floor… you get the point. If you’re on the fence or on a tight budget, this is something to skip.

A bottle warmer isn’t a must

Microwaves are great. Get BPA-free bottles. Your baby also may not have a temperature preference. GiGi does just fine with a bottle straight out of the fridge. 

Breastfeeding is hard

If you can’t do it, don’t feel bad. It’s not for everyone. Formula works just fine.

The swing is a saving grace and a must have

Having a moody one who constantly fights  sleep, a swing was a MUST. I don’t think ours is too fancy. It was free, actually. And it worked perfectly to get Miss to sleep.

•Hoard diapers in all sizes – s/he’ll be a 1 one day and a 2 the next. 

It’s true. As quickly as they will outgrow clothes, s/he will outgrow diapers. I keep a diaper arsenal under her crib, just in case she outgrows her current size. This is a wonderful hack.

Same with hoarding clothes!!

See above.

Cherish every damn moment because they grow quickly

Everyone says it, but it’s so true. I am already looking at pictures and wondering how she was so small.

Once baby sleeps through the night, it’s smooth sailing with sleep for you

You will have hiccups but once a routine sleeping pattern is established, it gets easier!

You’ll oddly miss waking up at 2 a.m. and 4 a.m. and 6 a.m. for feedings

Make the most out of it. Remember what you are there doing. 

Being a mom is hard work, and just know you are doing amazing. If you are expecting, trying to conceive, waiting on the adoption process, awaiting a new foster child, YOU WILL DO AMAZING.

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