2 Under 2 In ’22

It’s true. I will be a momma of two under age two in 2022.

I can already hear the whispers now.


“Didn’t you just have a baby?”

“Was it an accident?”

“You’re crazy.”

Thank you. Yes, already. Yes, I did have a baby 8 months ago. Nope, it was very planned. Yes, I am crazy. But not just for wanting two kiddos so close in age.

As I’m writing this, I’m still comprehending and realizing we will have not one, but two minis overtaking our home this fall.


The nausea has been constant. However, I’ve persevered and have only puked* twice. One happened this morning actually, immediately following my greens consumption. What a waste.

*projectile vomited

I’ve been experiencing similarities to my last pregnancy. Coffee is repulsive, but I’ve managed to choke some down when I can for that happy bean juice boost. Pancakes sound good any time. I’ve been INCREDIBLY emotional. Fruit will probably also be one of my biggest cravings later on if this continues.

Gender Reveal

From the symptoms above, I had a feeling I was having a girl. I couldn’t wait, so I got a blood test from Sneakpeek, an early gender prediction DNA kit.


I’m having another girl. When I revealed this to Stan, he said he was going to have to buy a shotgun— presumably to fend off all future suitors.

So bring on the extra laundry, double the hairbows, double the poopy diapers, double the toys piled around our house, and never sleeping again. We are as ready as we will be for 2 under 2.

We can’t wait to meet her in early November…. or late October if she decides to come early.

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