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2 Under 2 in ’22

I’m going to be a mom to two under two this year.

Tips for Moms-To-Be

This one is for moms-to-be trying to figure it out. Disclaimer: I am not an expert.

Becoming Mom

I had a baby. She’s pretty fantastic.

Ancient Peanut Butter & Maggot Soup for Supper

Two delectable tales with one lesson: Be cautious of what you consume…

Observations from Walks Around the Block

These are things I notice in my neighborhood. What about you?

The Hit, Run and Return: How My Car Was Recently Totaled

I wrecked my car, and the story is bizarre.

Kennedy in Paris… and Other Foreign Misfortune

Paris didn’t necessarily welcome me, nor make me want to return. Here are some of my odd and unfortunate tales that took place while traveling.

My First and Last Music Festival

The one time I went to a music festival.

Running is for Idiots

My relationship with running goes way the F back. Only idiots run for fun. After years of hating said activity, I am now one of those idiots.

Tara in the Tree.

Someone named Tara celebrated my birthday and didn’t even know.

Scameren: A Warning

Don’t be fooled by Scameren.

The Odd and Uncomfy Times as a Reporter

Sex offenders, married men in the DMs and pizza thieves.

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